That’s what they saw.
But they missed something
along the way.

A belief in yourself

They missed what’s inside you. A knowledge that your talent is far greater than they realize. A confidence that you’re better than the so-called experts want to give you credit for. A drive to prove them all wrong.


You know something
they don’t.

You will exceed their expectations of you.

You have the talent.
You have the will.

You have something
they have yet to see.


Beginning in 2019, former
3-star high school basketball recruit Steph Curry introduced the inaugural season of the Underrated Tour, a showcase for high school players whose potential is far from being realized. Who have something to prove. Who will leave their mark on the sport.

Now it’s 2020 and he’s kicking off year 2 of the Underrated Tour. Sign up now and show them why you’re underrated.

Given the continued uncertainties around the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the remainder of the 2020 Underrated Tour. Our priority remains the health and safety of our athletes, staff and volunteers. We encourage you all to continue leading a healthy and active lifestyle. We thank you for your understanding and support and wish you the best as you continue to turn doubters into believers.